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Zen Abstract Collection

Creating from the no-mind is the greatest source of freedom that exists for me, it is being fully in the moment, you stop making art so that art uses you as an instrument.
These works are a way to connect with Zen art and delve into its essence. With each work something wakes up and something goes away.

El crear desde la no mente es la mayor fuente de libertad que existe para mí, es estar plenamente en el momento, dejas de hacer arte para que el arte te utilice como instrumento.
Estas obras son una forma de conectar con el arte Zen y profundizar en su esencia. Con cada obra algo se despierta y algo se marcha.


*If you were looking for a specific artwork that you saw in my social media (Instagram/Facebook) and it is not here or you want to order a commission, please do not hesitate to contact me.

*Si estabas buscando una obra de arte específica que viste en mis redes sociales (Instagram/Facebook) y no está aquí o quieres encargarme una obra, no dudes en contactarme.

We usually assess the creative process in terms of how much feeling or thought went behind the work or how well the work was done. Is there no other way to appreciate the process? What if the standard of excellence was the total presence of the artist during the process?
                                                                                                                                     Kazuaki Tanahashi

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