DALPREM KAUR biography
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Virginia Silván is her name and Dalprem Kaur her spiritual name, she sings her artworks with this name. She was born in Seville and grew up in Alcalá de Guadaira. She lived in the countryside and was surrounded by trees and beautiful hills near by the Guadaira river. She started to create art when she was fifteen years old. 

She never stopped drawing and creating although she did not dedicate herself professionally to it, dedicating herself to psychology. Her profession led her to grow personally and spiritually. From the knowledge of the human psyche, she becomes interested in spirituality, which leads her to deepen in yoga and meditation, also forming in it. At his forties he feels with great force to dedicate himself to create and do it in a professional way. Personal and spiritual maturity reconnects it with expressing oneself through abstract art as a way of returning to the essence, the non-mind.

It is soaked in new ways of creating with alcohol and epoxy resin inks that loves it, although it also uses other techniques and materials such as acrylic paint, inks, collage, etc. whatever she feels it is gonna allow her to express and create. She is always learning and getting rich. She sees life itself as a process of continuous learning and self-knowledge at all levels. She loves the depth and freedom of abstract expressionism as a form of artistic expression. Her inspiration: the sea, nature and love.

She currently lives and works in Tarifa (Cádiz), surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


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