Pinceles húmedos


Artist Statement 

To create I use various techniques and materials, from alcohol inks to watercolors, acrylics or epoxy resin, from paper to wood collected on the beach. I love the vivid and intense colors. I use everything that expands and enjoys me.

My work is fundamentally abstract art, closer to abstract expressionism, although I also love to create beautiful works inspired by the sea that try to capture it in different ways. I express myself with abstraction because it allows me to flow more with emotions and feeling in my works, my creative process is focused more on letting it sprout than on control. It is more a way of connecting with the non-mind, which is precisely part of my personal and spiritual evolution, part of appreciating the wonder that is life. My works express that enjoyment of living by flowing, letting life develop as it is, while I learn from the process of living it. My intention is to generate with my art good vibrations and inner connection in people who approach it. My wish that my work brings you well-being and make your spaces more pleasant and beautiful. In sum, my art is created to make you feel good.

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